Tributes & Awards


A collection of tributes to some of our late members.

Betty and Don Goss

Betty and Don Goss together formerly served the Indiana Society as a Historian, Scholarship Committee member and editor of the newsletter.

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Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor served as Governor of Indiana Society of Mayflower. She is remembered for her long service on the Book Committee and her interest in and donations of memorial books.

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Pat Scahill

Pat Scahill served as Indiana Mayflower Secretary and previously as Hospitality chair. She was the daughter of former Indiana Mayflower Governor (1973-1977) William Batchelder and his wife Minna Belle Seidensticker.

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Order of the Hook, National Award

Gov. Graham Morey and Harry Folger 3rd
Gov. Graham Morey and Harry Folger 3rd

Graham Morey

The certificate reads: The Editors of the Mayflower Quarterly of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants are pleased to present The Order of the Hook to the illustrious Graham D Morey, Governor of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Indiana, who exemplifies the spirit of the Mayflower Pilgrims on Cape Cod, who found safety and security in its harbors, sustenance from its land and waters, friendship with its native people, prosperity from its resources, shelter for their families and freedom to worship their God without interference or retribution. The details of which and more are expressed within the pages of the Mayflower Quarterly that recently celebrated its Diamond Jubilee.

Commendation & Appreciation Certificate, National Award

John Wardlow

John Wardlow

Governor Graham Morey presented Jon Wardlow with a certificate for exemplary service to Mayflower in 2011. He was nominated by Indiana Mayflower member Rebecca Gaddy. His selection was previously announced at the September General Meeting.

Don Hattin

Don Hatten

Don Hattin, descendant of Isaac Allerton, was recently honored with a certificate at the Board of Assistants Meeting in New Orleans for his many years of service in Indiana as Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Linda McGlothlin, as DGG, accepted on his behalf.

Sarah Weddle

Laura Stocker and Sarah Weddle

Former Governor Sarah Weddle was honored with a certificate for her many years of service with the Indiana Society by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Sarah served as Governor of the Indiana Society from 2001 to 2004. Since then she has been an active Past Governor, serving on the Executive Board generously and thoughtfully using her experiences to guide newer members. She has been known to step up on a moment’s notice to fulfill pro tem duties of an absent officer. For this, her service is greatly appreciated.

Robert Hessong

Robert Hessong

Robert Hessong receives an award certificate from GSMD for his years of service. Robert Hessong was active as a member on the Board of Assistants. He also served as Indiana state Elder from 2005-2009 and Indiana state Captain from 2010-2012.

Meritorious Service Award, State Award

Edwin Niles

Edwin Niles
Edwin Niles

The first Meritorious Service Award is presented to the Niles family in honor of the late Edwin Niles for his extraordinary service to the Society.

(left to right) Governor Linda McGlothlin, Dana Niles White, Paulette Niles, and Paul Niles
(left to right) Governor Linda McGlothlin, Dana Niles White, Paulette Niles, and Paul Niles