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2023 Meetings

March 24, 2023 — Spring Luncheon at Woodstock (11:00 am)
September 7-12 — GMSD Congres in Plymouth
Septemper 23, 2023 — Fall Board Meeting (11:30 am)
November 18, 2023 — Fall Luncheon
All times are Indianapolis Time (Eastern)


Fall & Spring Luncheons

The Society normally meets twice a year in Indianapolis for fall and spring luncheons.

In addition to providing an opportunity for members to meet, there is also a program to inform attendees on some aspect of the Mayflower voyage, the early settlement at Plymouth and the historical context.

Information about upcoming luncheons, including the cost, can usually be found in the most recent newsletter.

Where do we meet?

Indiana Mayflower Society meets at The Woodstock Club:

The Woodstock Club
1301 W 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Spring Luncheon is at Woodstock on May 25

Reservation form and more information about the spring luncheon is in The Hoosier Mayflower. The speaker is Governor General Jane Hurt.

Save the Date

At our Fall Members Luncheon, November 18, 2023, author Kathern Haueison of “Pilgrim Chronicles: Tale of Two Cultures” and “Mary Brewster’s Love Life” will join us as our keynote speaker.

Newsletter: The Hoosier Mayflower

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