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2020 Dates

Locally, the pandemic resulted in our canceling the spring luncheon and activities related to the anniversary. The board met via Zoom on Saturday, Oct. 3, to conduct business for the rest of this year.

Fall & Spring Luncheons

The Society meets twice a year in Indianapolis for fall and spring luncheons.

In addition to providing an opportunity for members to meet, there is also a program to inform attendees on some aspect of the Mayflower voyage, the early settlement at Plymouth and the historical context.

Information about an upcoming luncheon including the cost can be found in the most recent newsletter.

Where do we meet?

Indiana Mayflower Society meets at The Woodstock Club:

The Woodstock Club
1301 W 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Registration Information

Registration information for a meeting luncheons will appear here when the next in person board meeting is scheduled. More information about upcoming meetings is the Fall edition of The Hoosier Mayflower.

Next In-Person General Society Luncheon

Due to Covid 19 and safety concerns, the traditional fall meeting which celebrates Thanksgiving has been postponed until Spring 2021 when a “Thanksgiving in Spring” event hopefully will take place in person.

Newsletter: The Hoosier Mayflower

Looking for more information about our news and events? Check out the most recent issue of The Hoosier Mayflower.