Documentation is a high priority for the Mayflower Historian General.

The objective of the Society with regard to lineage documentation is to assure that applicants are accepted as members only if the presented evidence shows that a bloodline truly exists between a Mayflower passenger and the applicant. Standards of evidence have been designed to accomplish this objective.

Provide a Copy of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates Where Applicable

This is the best documentation and should be available for at least the latest three or four generations. [The Society expects that applicants will present documented papers proving the line-carrier and spouses for each generation.] NOTE: Be sure the mother’s maiden name is on birth certificate as this is critical when the pilgrim lineage is through the mother’s bloodline.

Other Primary Source Evidence

Church Records, Bible records which provides relationships, Marriage Bonds and Licenses, Probate records, Guardianships or orphan’s court records, Military or pension records, Cemetery and Morticians Records.

Secondary Source Evidence

County or Town histories, Family genealogies (published only – provide book face plate that has name and publishing information), Federal census can be used if family relationships are stated (1880-1930), Newspaper obituaries & newspaper marriage accounts (include newspaper name, city and date).

Document Presentation

Copy Paper size – regular 8.5×11 or legal size paper – one side only – NO two side copying.
Gravesite photos, if used, place on 8.5×11 paper – give name of cemetery and location.


Make three (3) copies of your original documents.

Two sets to be sent with your application and a 3rd set to be held by YOU – just incase your application has to be reconstructed because of some unforeseen problem such as lost in the mail.