Dues and Application Fees

Application Fees

New Membership Application Fee

The new membership application fee is currently $265.00and can be paid in one check made out to ISMD. One hundred and fifty dollars ($150) goes to the national application fee. The remaining $115 goes to the Indiana society application fee and includes the dues for the first year of membership.

Learn more about how to apply for new membership on the membership page.

Supplemental Memberships

Application for qualifying additional Pilgrim lineages $185.00 and can be paid by check made out to ISMD.

Annual Membership Fee

After you become a member of the Indiana Mayflower Society, your annual fee can be paid online or by check. See the Membership Renewal for current costs.

Lifetime Membership Fee

Members can purchase a lifetime membership for $800.00.

Reinstatement of Membership

For a member whose membership has lapsed for only one year: $25.00 plus $80.00 dues = $100.00

For a member whose membership has lapsed more than one year: $25.00 plus $100.00 dues = $125.00