Family Associations

Information about these and other Mayflower passengers can be found on many sites on the web. One comprehensive site is which contains one page biographies of each passenger.

Alden, John – Alden Kindred of America, Inc

Allerton, Issac – Allerton Family Association

Billington, John – Mayflower History John Billington

Bradford, Gov. William – Gov. William Bradford Compact

Brewster, William – Elder William Brewster Society

Brown, Peter – Pilgrim Peter Brown Society

Chilton, James – Chilton’s Children

Cooke, Francis – Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society

Doty, Edward – Pilgrim Edward Doty Society

Fuller, Samuel – The Fuller Society

Hopkins, Stephen – Pilgrim (Stephen) Hopkins Heritage Society

Howland, John – Pilgrim John Howland Society

Priest, Degory – Many general Mayflower history sites contain information about Degory Priest. There is also a book published by The Mayflower Society.

Rogers, Thomas – Thomas Rogers Society, Inc.

Samson, Henry – Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred

Soule, George – Soule Kindred of America

Standish, Myles – Myles Standish Society

Warren, Richard – The Warren Cousins Nonprofit Organization

White, William – Pilgrim William White Society